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Business Consultation

We offer up to 2 hours of free consultation


Business Start-up Consultation

Our free expert advice can significantly improve the chances of you succeeding with your new start-up. Avoiding costly mistakes from the start can help you save time and money.

Our Start-up consulting provides a much-needed external outlook on the idea and core model of your start-up business. With AVANTAGE, you are guaranteed to receive impartial advice, quality information and guidance relating to pre-startup research, research and development, market intelligence, legal obligations, marketing and advertising, product sources, product development, finance and many more.


Business Growth & Restructuring

Restructuring your company is a great opportunity to perform a detailed analysis of the current position of the business, and take the appropriate steps to ensure the company remains viable for the future.

There are huge benefits to restructuring a company, and we strongly recommend this process to our clients as things are not going to be the same following the pandemic.

Restructuring involves changing the financial, operational, legal, or other structures of your business with the purpose of making it more productive, efficient, and profitable.


HR Consultation

Our HR consulting provides clients with advice on human resource strategies to implement within your business, developing HR policies and procedures, advising on employee recruitment and retention, PAYE, Pension, and general personnel management.

We Offer:

  • HR Review
  • Covering HR procedures and policies
  • Employee Monitoring (recruitment and retention)
  • PAYE & Pension (HMRC/ HM Revenue & Customs)
  • General management of HR plans and procedure

Marketing Consultation

Marketing is the process of getting people interested in your company’s product or service. This happens through market research, analysis, and understanding your ideal customer’s interests. Marketing pertains to all aspects of a business, including product development, distribution methods, sales, and advertising.

Our free marketing consultation will help you determine the activities you need to undertake to promote the buying or selling of your products and services. We work with our clients to explore advertising strategies, sales strategies, digital marketing, and more.

We also aim to guide you on how to use the marketing mix and develop marketing strategies that work for your business.


Business Finance Consultation

Our business finance consultation focuses on the raising and managing of funds, Planning, analysis, and control operations. Whether you are considering debt finance or equity finance, we can give relevant information and advice to aid your decision-making.

We also offer guidance and support in relation to putting together your financial projections, budgets, and financial controls together. As most start-ups require funding, knowing where and how to access funding is crucial, and we are here to ensure your know-how.


Technology and AI

Technology and artificial intelligence play a significant role in today’s business world as advancement in technology continues to move at a pace never seen before. Our business technology and AI consultation will help you understand all the technology required to make your business a success.

We can assist you with identifying and sourcing relevant technology to help your run your business more effectively and achieve maximum productivity.

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