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Growth Ready

Growth ready is a complete solution that focuses on, effectively managing business growth and realising the full benefits in a growth environment.

We work with our businesses to help them take control of their finances, keeping them well managed, and utilise their working capital. Helping businesses to focus on their strength, hire the right employees, and scale-up forms the basis of this solution.

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Growth Strategy Development

We work closely with small and medium sized business owners to develop comprehensive strategies to manage rapid business growth or generate growth.

Performance Management

Our performance management process is focused on ensuring that all relevant activities and outputs meet your company’s goals in an effective and efficient manner. We can focus on the performance of the company, a department, employees, or other processes

Market Research & Analysis

Implementing and managing growth strategies can be exceptionally challenging for many business owners. Hence we include growth project management as part of this package.

Business Restructuring Service

We work with our clients to efficiently negotiate the best outcomes, developing realistic and achievable solutions to financial and operational challenges, by protecting the value and reducing risk during difficult times.

Financial Modelling

We work with our clients to build financial models to that reflects their company’s historical performance and assumptions about the future, using standard and advance types of models such as discounted cash flow analysis.

Operational Change

We help our clients initiate activities involving the introduction, updating, modification, or retirement of systems and applications, including any planned activity that has an impact or potential impact on the performance of a system.

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